Preference Card

If you work in a surgery center you know what goes on behind the scenes – the steps the surgeon follows for each surgery, the instruments they prefer, and how they choose to perform the operation. A surgeon’s preference card is an important tool to help them obtain the best instruments and products for their procedure.

Important Features of OPP Preference Card

Following are a just a few of the features worth highlighting. This program uses:

  • Cloud-Based Technology

Our preference card platform is completely cloud-based, which means that the card is always up to date with the latest information that the surgeon provides. It protects the card from being lost or damaged, or from becoming outdated. You will always know that your surgeons’ preference cards are safe and easily accessible by staff.

  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Our Preference card platform uses an A.I. algorithm to identify, based on multiple procedures performed by a surgeon, what products are not being utilized and therefore may not need to be opened prior to the procedure, allowing for improved cost savings for the surgery center.

  • Real Time Integration with the Inventory Platform.

The preference card integrates in real time with the inventory platform to notify the surgery center if supplies need to be ordered prior to the surgical case.  This will lead to better preparedness on behalf of the surgery center and improved patient safety.


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