We continually refine tools to reduce complexity and make the experience simpler and more
unified for all practitioners.

  • Managing your ASC’s or OBL’s credentials is critical. It affects how you get paid, or if. It can even determine whether your physicians can perform their duties.
  • EMR that’s easy to follow, that can follow you wherever you go. Small on learning curve, big on features.
  • An easy-to-use solution that is cost-effective and will truly change the way your surgery center or lab monitors their inventory.
  • A digital step forward from physical notecards, this program allows your center to efficiently integrate inventory management with your physician’s needs.
  • Whether your ASC needs its first accreditation, or you would like an easier way to maintain on-going compliance, OPP Regulatory was built just for you!
  • OPP RCM ensures that your ASC or OBL enjoys maximum profitability and return on your investment in your facility.
  • This helpful platform will allow administrators to successfully run their surgery center.
What people say

Our Testimonials

"Credentialing has always been an expensive and tedious process. OPP has developed a solution that truly saves a lot of time and money and more importantly delivers a better product than the traditional way."
Ruth Solis
ASC Administrator, Santa Monica, CA
"OutPatientPro has made a true impact on our center when it comes to regulatory management. It’s hard to imagine that the accreditation process can still be paper driven but OPP has significantly made it easier to manage and prepare for compliance."
Fardad Mobin, MD
Beverly Hills, CA
"The appeal of using OPP Software is truly its ease of use. The ability to learn and understand it quickly and allow it to be a functional part of my everyday life has really made my job so much easier."
Teri Ballard
ASC Marketing Director Torrance, CA
"As Insurance reimbursement continues to shrink it became more important for an RCM solution that really helped us find the hard to collect money and provide the kind of dashboard that really gave us control of our outstanding collections. OPP provided that."
Warrie Layon
OBL/ASC Director Palmdale, CA
"It gets pretty frustrating when you have to have several different subscriptions to several different platforms that don’t communicate and thanks to Outpatient Pro we don’t have that issue anymore."
Jordan Olsen
ASC / OBL Clinical Director Riverside, CA
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