When it comes to finding easy-to-use software to enhance your ASC or OBL, OutPatientPro has you covered. We are with you every step of the way – whether you need a single software product to integrate with your platform, or an entire product suite to improve your overall operations.

  • Managing your ASC’s or OBL’s credentials is critical. It affects how you get paid, or if. It can even determine whether your physicians can perform their duties.
  • EMR that’s easy to follow, that can follow you wherever you go. Small on learning curve, big on features.
  • An easy-to-use solution that is cost-effective and will truly change the way your surgery center or lab monitors their inventory.
  • A digital step forward from physical notecards, this program allows your center to efficiently integrate inventory management with your physician’s needs.
  • Whether your ASC needs its first accreditation, or you would like an easier way to maintain on-going compliance, OPP Regulatory was built just for you!
  • OPP RCM ensures that your ASC or OBL enjoys maximum profitability and return on your investment in your facility.
  • This helpful platform will allow administrators to successfully run their surgery center.