OPP Unity is the all-inclusive practice and clinical management platform for OPP clients. This fully customizable solution communicates with our EMR (or a third party EMR), as well as other OPP applications, and will allow your team to successfully manage your surgery center or office-based lab within one unified environment.

Whether you are a small, single O.R facility or a large, multi-O.R. center, OPP Unity can provide:

  • EMR components
  • Inventory software
  • Patient scheduling programs
  • RCM solutions
  • Practice management products
  • Operating room scheduling
  • Customizable options specifically tailored to your needs

OPP Unity offers a unique opportunity to customize a platform to truly fit the size, scope, and operation of your center. Without forcing you to pay things you don’t want, OPP “unifies” all your software needs into a single system for effective management of your facility. OPP Unity can combine elements from our collection with software you already own into one integrated location to deliver your center everything it needs to succeed.

OPP Unity provides affordable solutions that will accommodate any sized surgery center or office-based laboratory. Subscription prices start at $195/mo.

For more information on OPP Unity or to see a demo of our software, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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