Regulatory Pro

Preparing for accreditation surveys can be a confusing experience that takes specialized knowledge to navigate. That’s why ASCs and other medical facilities have been heavily reliant on consultants to prep for and get through surveys.

What is OPP Regulatory?

OPP Regulatory is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform that guides its users through every step needed, to attain accreditable status and maintain on-going compliance with accreditation agencies. It replaces the worn out, paper-based method that cannot dynamically help you with this.

OPP Regulatory has the capability to:

  • Ensure facility and user compliance through documents that guide the user through the necessary requirements.
  • Set reminders for certification monitoring. Every reminder, whether you create the reminder, or it is system-generated at the staff, facility, or vendor management level, are all tracked and monitored. Reminders can be delegated by you to someone else.
  • Upload vendor contracts and set reminders to give lead-time to renegotiate or address actionable items and/or shopping lists in a timely manner.
  • Search the user’s agency standards electronically with the ability to view and/or attach insights, notes, related operational documents, and policies & procedures.

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