Who We Are


OutPatient Pro

OutPatientPro (or OPP as we like to refer to ourselves) is a company that came straight out of the operating room. After seeing first-hand the difficulties and struggles that surgery centers face, OPP was born.

Our company aims to bring you the best platform for your surgery center or office-based laboratory by combining the tools you need with state-of-the-art technology that will help you succeed. We offer a full suite of software to fulfill your center’s every need.

The founders of OPP have worked as surgeons, administrators, surgery center owners, as well as consultants. We have seen our fair share of both sides of the operating room, so we do know a thing or two about what kind of tools that the professionals are seeking. We understand the hard work and dedication that is put into a surgery center, and we know what it takes to run one efficiently.

At OPP, we have created a suite of clinical and administrative solutions that will work to build a bridge between the administrative needs of an outpatient center, the staff employed there, the providers and the patients. Our healthcare platforms interact in real time with one another to help you run and manage your outpatient surgery center in an efficient and organized manner.

At OPP we know how difficult and frustrating healthcare platforms can be for staff and administrators alike. Therefore, we offer intuitive and easy to use platforms with minimal learning curves that are a perfect fit for any size company – whether it is a small office-based laboratory or a large surgery center.

We are also preparing for the future by utilizing blockchain technology that will increase the safety and security for every department at your center.

Where We Are Located

OutPatientPro is in Irvine, California. Our customer service is always USA-based, and we are happy to help you every step of the way – from your initial consultation to attentive customer service after your products have been integrated into your company.


William C. Neugebauer, Jr.

CEO and Co-Founder, OutPatientPro

Gary Sparks

Chief Operating Officer

Gary Wilens

Chief Content Officer

Jody Berman

Chief Technology Officer

James Gfrerer

OPP Board Advisor

Keith Arnold

Chief Sales Officer

Marc O’Griofa

OPP Board Advisor

Andy Kalamaras

OPP Board Advisor

Vi Pham

Client Service Supervisor

Lea Mitani

Social Media Coordinator